Hubs for Cities

Many of our cities are changing for the better – striving towards a more liveable, pollution free reality. But this new reality doesn’t just exist with a click of your fingers – it is infrastructure that makes it a reality.

That’s where we, The HUB Company, come in. We build the infrastructure behind zero-emission cities. How do we do this? Our goal is to help logistics and service organisations get out of their carbon-emitting vans, and into Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) and onto cargo bikes.

These smaller vehicles are highly suited to the shorter distances and frequent parking required in congested city centres. In fact in many cases they outperform traditional vehicles in cities; in terms of time and financially they can deliver significant efficiency savings.

But LEVs and cargo bikes also need a base – and that’s where our hubs can help. Compact and secure, they contain everything you need to deliver your goods and services. Overnight parking, battery charging, solar panels, and a surprising amount of storage for deliveries, tools or spare parts. All fitting neatly into a single parking space.

Check out our full range below.